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The Beauty of Time

    IN GREEK MYTHOLOGY, the Muses were inspirational goddesses who presided over the Arts​ and encouraged creation, enhancing the imagination and vision of the artists. They were nine sisters, born from the union of the God of Gods, Zeus, and a young Titan lady named Mnenmosyne. Mnemosyne was the goddess of Memory.

It is so inspiring to understand and remember that, from the beginning of Mankind's history, Memory has been considered the essential motive of human expression and the basis of life and creativity. More widely, we can state that there would be no human heritage without Memory, or without the aim to preserve Memory in time. 

     PALAZZO ROBICCI is the place of Memory: memory of arts, for its incredible and fascinating layout of old frescoes and decoration - and memory of a family, which I want to treasure and share by welcoming you in an unprecedented experience of multi-layered offers for locals, visitors and artists alike. 


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